About me and my pages

First of all I want to say sorry for my English. I am never sure about my English. I just want to give you information about me. I like to give information for my friends and my friends for the future. If you didn't know me, try to find some interesting thing. If you know me just find something new. You will find my past and a little bit my future. You will see my pictures and my dreams.

I like people, that is why I want to give even more information for people around the world. They can be black and white, Chrisitan or Jewish, Hungarian or Finnish. I like my friend and I like if I have more and more friend. I like my hobbies and I want to have more and more hobbies.

I have some thing, what I don't like, but this time I have more thing what I like. I think, when I will be 70 I will have more thing what I don't like. At this time I am optimistic. I think, if you have enough power you can do what you just like to do. My main goal is to know people's mind. What the people thinking about life. I want to know the differences between people.

This is my 6. homepage in the row. I like my last one too, but this time I want to be a little bit more serious, than I was before. You will find funny things too on my pages. I hope you will like it. If you like it (or if you not) please write something for my guestbook or write something for me.

If I can help you something in something don't hesitate write me a letter.

Enjoy my pages!


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Szeged in Hungary
Norfolk Island
My Class In The Highschool

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