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You can find here some of my favourite programs. I just have a couple. You can download some of them from here. I have some links to to other pages on the net. I have to use Windows, but I always try to use other operation systems - like Linux - too. I want to lear more about. I hope you will enjoy my links.

Tamagochi sheep
I like this litle animal. You dont have to do anything just let to go on the screen this little sheep. This sheep can play, eat, fall from high. If you are lucky you can listen his voice. You don't have to feed. He will enjoy your computer.

Terep 2
This softwareis so stupid, that this is my favourite. This is a very little game with a car. You don't have to do nothing just ride around. No goal, not a race, this program is only for relaxing. Terep 2 is running under DOS. I think this program one of the greatist Hungarian program ever.


Robinson Crusoe Screensaver
This little man on the picture is a creative man, but not enough creative to live the little island where he live. You will never tire of this screensaver. His got alway something to do. He have winter, summer, nights and days. Sometimes he just have rest, after that he try to get away. He is coming always back to the little island. You need to download both, after that you just have to click on the EXE file. They are self executing files.

Download Part I
Download Part II

Webshots Desktop Changer
This software is one of my newest favourite software. You have to visit the Webshots page and download the Photo Manager software. After that you can choose 5 pictures for fre every day for your desktop. If you don't want to wait so much you can download some of the picutre gallery from here. I sorted the pictures in categories. You just have to click on the links and the pictures will available after download.

Webshots homepage - Main page for software download

Most useful softwares

I use many software to do things what I like. - Of course just for the trial period :) - I think this softwares are the best softwares of the last years. I have some subjects and some software for this subjects. If you use this things you have an easyer life.

Build Homepage - Macromedia Dreamweaver - I built my homepage with Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. This is a big help for me. It's easy to use and fast to change something. You can work on more pages together and you can manage all together. For example, if you want to change your e-mail address, you just need 2 minutes.

File Manager - Total Commander - Total cool. I like, because easy to use. I always say, It's classic. If you know Norton Commander and you use computers long time ago yo deffenetly have to use Tptal Commander. A year before this software called Windows Commander, but Bill Gates didn't like it.

Mailing - The Bat! - If you need a confortible mailing software, you have to use The Bat!. One thing is a little bit difficult. This thing is configure the templates. But after this you will enjoy using The Bat!. You don't need to sing it, or give details for the letter, this program will do before you do anything. You can write different letters for different people, you can use different languages and spell checker.

Music Player - Winamp - The perfect choose for music playing. Easyest way playing mp3. You can choose different skins and plug-ins. If you want to listen radios from other countries you can get a radio station with shoutcast.

Remote control - Remote Administrator - If you want to control your computer from your work or from other country you can do it with this little program. You will see the screen of your computer and you can move your mouse like at home. You can do the same things (except listening music) like at home.

Communication - MSN Messenger - A pretty good software from Bill Gates. I like this program because I can have the connection with my friends all around the world without remembering they addresses. Easy to use.

Looking Pictures - Picasa - When I trave I do lots of pictures. Before this software I had the problem I had no chance to see all my pictures together. I used ACDSee, but you can see only one folder in usually. With this software you can organise your pictures, convert the size and send them by e-mail. With templates you can build webpage with your pictures with the style of your page.
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I just opened the English part of my webpage. I translated all my prevous webpages. If you like it please write in my guestbook.

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