How do I sound?

In usually I work for a radio station in Kiskőrös. The name of this radio is Radio Kunság. I speak a lot over there. Now I want to give a sample of my voice. I think, if you don't know me you will enjoy that.I have some note for the voices.

First of all, all the speakings are Hungarian. Sorry for that, but at home I speak Hungarian. The secound think is, that this sound files are coded in MP3Pro. You can use the Winamp for that, but for the good quality you have to use a decoder. You can download this from here. We put some radio commercial here. But they are censored. I coded the name and the address of the companies. You will hear back the the names.

I want to say thank you for Imre Tóth for his work with this commercials.

*mp3pro decoder for winamp - download
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I just opened the English part of my webpage. I translated all my prevous webpages. If you like it please write in my guestbook.

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