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1997. September My First Webpage (H)
1997. November My Secound Homepage (H)
1997. December Homepage of my Highscool (H)
1998. Februar Webpage of Kiskőrös (H)(E)
1998. Marcius Mr. Bean Homepage (H)(E)
1998. Aprilis My Fourth homepage (H)(E)
1998. May Marcello D'Orta (H)
1998. May Munkaügyi Kalapács (H)
1998. September World Wide Weather (H)
1998. September About AIDS for Everybody (H)(E)
1998. November Munkaügyi Kalapács (H)
1999. May My Fifth Homepage (H)(E)
1999. September Imrus SMS oldala (H)
1999. October Homepage 5.5 (H)
1999. November Camp America Photoalbum (H)(E)
1999. November Photoalbum of Niagara Falls (H)(E)
1999. December Munkaügyi Kapcsolatok Honlap (H)
2002. Marcius My Photoalbum (H)(E)
2002. September VirtualTourist Webpage (E)
2003. Februar My sixst homepage
2003. Februar My sixst homepage
2003. Februar My seventh homepage
(E) English (H) Hungarian
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I just opened the English part of my webpage. I translated all my prevous webpages. If you like it please write in my guestbook.

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