Dr. Imre Grünwald

EMEA HR Director

My Skills

Employment LawExpert
Greenfield ProjectsPro
Automotive HR KnowledgeExpert
Chinese (Mandarin)Intermediate
HR StrategyExpert

HR Systems, Processes (HRIS)

PeopleSoft, Workday, SAP HR, Taleo, SQL programming for HR databases, ASP.NET based HR System development.

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About me

"Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life." - Confucius


Third baby arrived

2015 August

As a tradition the third girl was born again in August. This time there was no mistake. Her arrival was planned and she was delivered just in time.


Second Baby arrived

2012 August

Our second baby was much more tricky as the first one. She was waiting for me to go to my last business trip and just to make fun of me, she came 2 weeks earlier as we were expecting, so I had to interrupt my trip and fly back home from Germany with the first available flight at 5AM. Even this way I was a bit late.


First baby arrived

2010 August

For my new job at Johnson Controls we moved to Pápa and not long after arrived our first baby. We were very happy about her.

Start working at Johnson Controls

2010 April - Now

Johnson Controls helped me a lot in my carrier. I started there as plant HR manager responsible for a small automotive manufacturing plant in Mezőlak, Hungary, then after an other 3 plants joined the company, my great boss asked me to be a country HR manager, responsible for all four Hungarian plants. In 2012 as Senior HR Manager I joined a newly created business unit as regional HR manager for Northern Germany, Czech Republic and South Africa, then after a half year I've got a position with even higher responsibility as Global Senior HRIS Manager workig with all kind of HR systems and HR processes from Mexico to South Korea for more than 65 location worldwide.


Wedding in Thailand

2008 July


After living together with my beautiful thai girlfriend Supannee, we decided to marry eachother. All together we had 4 weddings. We had a traditional religious, tradiotional family based, a modern western style wedding in Thailand, then we had a small traditional Hungarian weddig for the rest of the family.

Start working at GE

2008 June - 2010 April

Originally I applied for and HR Generalist position at GE, but after 3 months, when my my boss got a new position I became responsible for 2 plants and more than 1000 employees, what I really enjoyed, even if the business didn't go well. That was a great school for me to be more confortable about the job I am doing. That was a nice peace of cake of my life.


Start working at Tesco

2006 July - 2008 June

I am still happy for Tesco to give me a chance just after I received my second diploma. As a fresh graduate, after a short period of training I travelled around Hungary opening Tesco stores as HR and Customer Service director. In two years I worked in Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Pécs, Sátoraljaújhely and Karcag. I learned how to be mobile.


Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia


In 2005 I travelled around in South East Asia a bit again. I did not planned, but on the way I met my lovely future wife accidently. If I remember well I travelled more than 16.000 KM that year by train, bus and airplain. I seen so many places looks like paradise, that finally I got somehow use to it.

Living in China


Living in China is a littlebit living on an other planet. The culture, the people, the life is so much different to Europe or North America, that I was amazed every day I spent there. I still cannot belive, that I spent a whole year over there. I also enjoyed very much teaching kids. Now I understand my mother, who was a teacher for about 40 years how difficult is this job, but actually I enjoyed every moment of it. Maybe except, when I had to sing :-)




I only spent a littlebit more, than a week in Mongolia, but this stay and the adventure to get there was one of the most exciting experience I had. I lived in a yurt for a couple of days in the middle of nothing I took wonderful pictures and I met wonderful people on the way.



Finally I had the chance to visit China. Even if I was thinking to work during the summer, I didn't even dream of to stay there for a year. It just happened. China is beautiful and like an other world. I travelled quite around, started in Beijing, then Huhhot, Xian, Shanghai, Yunnan province, Guilin, YangShuo, Guanzhou, Macau, Hong Kong and finally Xiamen, where actually I met my beautiful future wife.


Botswana, Zimbabwe


Compared to Namibia, Botswana was much safer to travel that time. As I mentioned I did not really have any money, so I slept sometimes at the police stations, sometimes at small villages (btw they were very nice), sometimes at the back of somebodys yard. Ones I had no idea where I slept, because I accidently drank alcohol not long after I took the Malaria pills. (Don't do it!)

South Africa, Namibia


Originally I planned to go to China in 2003, but that year they had SARS virus all around, so I had to create a new plan for an other exotic trip to go to Africa. This trip was the first, where I did not planned to work, because I knew, that I will have no chance, but I tried to keep my budget low, I mean VERY low. I hitchhiked, I slept in tent, I mostly eat rice. I was even robbed, they took half of my money away (100 USD), so I tried to survive somehow.


Singapore, Thailand


The first day I fell in love with Asia. All this new people, fruits, smells food made me wonder how diverse is the human being. I started in Singapore, then the way back from Australia I spent a couple of weeks in Thailand. No wonder I planned to come back again and again.

Australia, Norfolk Island


I spent about 3 months in Australia working on farms and travelling around. I travelled from south to north to see Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, then to be not so bored, I took a trip to a fantastic, small island between Australia and New Zeeland. That was one of the most amazig experience I ever had. I learned how to milk the cows, feed the animals, how a kiwi look like in the nature and how to pick mandarin.


North America


All together I spent 3 summers in North America working in Summer camps and travel. Firts year I went to New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara falls, second year I went down to Atlanta, Miami, Washington D.C., third year unfortunately I was a part of 9/11, but luckly not too close, then I took one of the first availabe airplain, I went to San Francisco and we travelled around with my frinds to see Los Angeles, Grand Canyon and many other places around.

Not so many people know, but I am also a DJ. I worked as radio dj for a couple of years, I created some music and video mixes. They are still quite popular. Later on I had my own TV program at the local TV in my hometown, but after winning an award with this show, I got a chance to work for the Hungarian National TV for year. It was quite fun, but unfortunately not ehough for my professional carrier.


Creativity with no limit

During the university years I never stopped creating new webpages for myself and others. After my second personal page I was the first who built a new page for Kiskőrös (my hometown). Then I did a page about Mr. Bean, Marcello D'Orta, about AIDS, the weather and my school. Later on I had my fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth version of my personal page.

University Starts

University of Szeged

1998 September - 2004 June

After one successful year at the college I applied for the Law University. Even if originaly I planned to be lawyer I continued my college studies because I was very motivated to know more about HR. It was very hard to do both school, but finaly I have now two diplomas.


College starts

University of Szeged

1997 September - 2002 June

After finishing the high school I went to study Human Resource Management and Labor Relationships at Szeged. As part of the student government I was very active this years.

First webpage

My first webpage

One of the main driver to go to college was to use free internet at school. These days Internet was something new and expensive in Hungary. I planned to discover the planet. After one month of internet surfing I created my first colorful test page. Nowdays this page looks very funny, but that time in 1997 it was looking cool.



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